3 Podcast Ideas For Freelancers


When I thought about writing this article on podcast ideas for freelancers, I started with a reflection. Those who start creating content to promote their personal branding know that they have to collide with a harsh reality, which is the lowering of the level of attention from people. Partly because the world is full of content on the web, partly because we are all more fleeting users. Time is a scarce resource and those who dedicate it to us should be rewarded. To attract attention we should undoubtedly produce useful and quality content. But also to evaluate new approaches.

The podcast is currently (but who knows how long it will be) among the media with a growing trend and a market yet to be explored. It reminds me of the time when the first blogs appeared: little competition and a blue ocean to sail. Here, today the same thing happens with  audio content : competition in the sector is still low and the possibility of standing out is very high.

You can still get ahead and connect with potential customers by using the podcast as a content marketing tool . Even more so if we consider that, unlike other contents, the average duration of use is very high (we are talking about 22.9 minutes of average listening session according to the Nielsen 2019 research).

Today, content is not enough for people, they want to feel involved, enter into a relationship, trust someone. From this point of view, the voice is an excellent ally. With the podcast you work on brand awareness, your authority  and lead people to trust you.

If you don't know  how to use podcast to promote business , here are some podcast ideas as food for thought for some of the more popular professions:

  • the blogger
  • the photographer
  • the personal trainer.

You are bloggers, here is the podcast for you

If you have a blog, this may be the time to relaunch it alongside a podcast. I don't mean just a reworking of your texts written for the audio format, but new concepts to be integrated into your editorial plan of blog content.

Tim Ferriss, one of the best known overseas businessmen , was one of the first to do so. He started his career with a blog and a few years later he relaunched it in a podcast key, anticipating its trends. Today his show is known throughout the Western world and listened to by millions of people. He chose the interview format to develop his arguments. If you have never listened to him I suggest you follow him in his “ The Tim Ferriss show ”.

What kind of other podcast ideas could you use if you are a blogger? I'll give you two examples.

If you are  a travel blogger , you could tell stories or tales related to the lands that belong to you or that you talk about in your blog, which lead the listener to explore new places. Storytelling, together with sound design, is capable of transporting people in a very engaging evocative. If, on the other hand, you prefer to create a popular podcast, you could include interviews with people linked to those lands, tell their story, promote a niche tourism together with local authorities.

The same goes if we think of a  recipe blog : flavors, foods, food and wine culture are elements of a journey to discover the territory where tradition and history come together. Bringing the listener to these places by narrating what lies behind the birth of a dish, together with tips, tricks and tricks of the trade, could give an extra touch to your content.

Podcast for photographers

Photography is a visual art. How could you tell it in an audio content? For example by telling about their work and everything that flows around. An outline made up of techniques but above all of stories, people, places.

Among the podcast ideas you could create an editorial plan  as a tutorial to explain how to use the tools, recreate the right light or prepare a photo shoot. Or focus on the use of particular photographic techniques for certain contexts.

But why not tell yourself behind the lens or what photography conveys to you? But what your listener doesn't know is who or what is behind a shot: how a photographic project is born , or why you choose a certain style or subject.

The emotions that you will be able to make your listeners feel will be what will make you remember.

Personal trainer, do business with podcasts

The figure of the personal trainer does not only fulfill the role of fitness coach in the gym. There is so much more. The personal trainer who managed to reinvent himself during the forced closure has adopted new ways to communicate his profession by promoting himself online thanks to the dissemination of useful information on fitness and health, but also a greater awareness of his own body.

Some podcast ideas in this area may involve insights into certain topics based on your experience and other reliable sources, such as scientific studies or interviews with sports personalities and industry experts.

For example:

  • education in correct posture
  • the secrets of good breathing
  • the role of training in a weight loss process
  • the use of supplements
  • the false myths related to the world of fitness.

Information culture pushes the user to want to know as well as what to do. Knowing the benefits of a particular practice that you yourself have adopted in your work and with your clients, can push him to want to apply them and contact you to ask you for specific advice on his situation.


The digital age has opened new boundaries and new opportunities for those who do business or have a professional activity. Those mentioned are just a few podcast ideas for freelancers who want to stand out online.

Don't just observe what is happening around you. Be part of the change and explore new ways to communicate.

If you want to know more and find out how podcasting can shake up your business, contact me for a quick free consultation. I will be happy to accompany you in the world of audio

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