3 Visuals You Can't Go Wrong With In A Podcast


Did you know that the visual elements of a podcast are important? In fact, they are so much that you can't go wrong with them. They must be chosen with care.  

I understand that it may seem a paradox to you to approach the visual adjective to a podcast, that is an audio content. Yet, they are of fundamental importance as they are also tools capable of engaging your listeners. In particular, they increase the visibility of your podcast on listening platforms and in search engines. They were not insignificant results.

In the podcast, as in any other means of communication, increasing the visibility of content is strategic as it plays a central role in the digital marketing strategy that we have decided to adopt.

Content is the heart. They are the added value that allows us to bring people closer to our brand. In the previous episodes of Podcast for Business we have seen how the podcast can become an asset of our business. It makes the contents available and usable for a long time.

We must, however, overcome an initial barrier. If on social networks the user consumes the contents in a passive way, by the hand of an algorithm that proposes them based on his interests, in the case of the podcast it is the listener who chooses what to listen to in an aware way.  

Getting our listener to choose us is the challenge. That's why in this article I want to reveal to you what for me are three visual elements that you absolutely cannot go wrong:

  • title;
  • cover;
  • Description.

Visually engage new listeners

The podcast is not a live radio show that we passively watch. Like when we wander around a bookstore looking for a book that inspires us, even for the podcast, these are the most important visual elements thanks to which a person decides whether to approach us.  

We may have created great content in our podcast, but if we don't study a catchy title, an attention-grabbing cover, and an exhaustive description that intrigues, well, we're playing for an opportunity. 

I always say that the podcast is a full-fledged commercial product. Generally free but still a shelf product that can be chosen or not.

No commercial product is presented to the public without a name, without a graphic design or packaging, and even less without a description that explains what it is and what it contains. 

1. The title

The podcast title is the naming of our product. It expresses identity, characteristics and positioning. Send an instant message. Sometimes explicit, other times more evocative but undoubtedly clear and direct.

It carries with it meanings, concepts and nuances of the topic it deals with. Just that color line that could differentiate us from another podcast that deals with the same topic.

Sometimes it's not easy to choose a podcast title. One suggestion is to isolate the core of the message: the element on which to focus attention. In short, it must contain an immediate concept.

That's why sometimes the search for the right title can be longer and more difficult than expected.

Spoiler: in the next episodes we will also see what are some characteristics of a good title.

2. The cover of the podcast

The same goes for the cover graphics . We always take as an example what happens with a commercial product that is launched on the market. How many times have you heard about the importance that packaging plays in its promotion?

It doesn't just play a functional role. It is strategic for the positioning and communication of the product itself. It must tell the consumer something. Being able to attract and transmit a sensorial message as well as an aesthetic one. 

If we talk about podcasts, the packaging is equivalent to its cover.

It must be able to engage people because it communicates a message and this must be consistent with the meaning you want to give to your podcast. I think the cover is the ingredient that makes it explicit and enhances, at the same time, the meaning of the title itself.  

In fact, the cover is a visual element that is absolutely complementary to the title, where this is not immediately understandable.

3. The description

The podcast description is in order of relevance the last visual element that can grab the listener's attention. Not for this the least important.

It is indeed, in my opinion, an essential part of a podcast. And it is the one immediately visible after the other two. 

Just like when we enter a bookshop: first the title and the cover attract us, then we read the description on the back cover. 

If what is written there intrigues us and provides us with those few, but right, elements to understand if that product is really for us, it will deserve our attention. At that point, it's done. 

So what do we write in our podcast description to really hook the interest of a potential listener?

Remember when I told you about the podcast value proposition ?

In summary, the description should encompass the 3 main elements of our podcast:

  • the target;
  • the topic;
  • the promise we make to the listener. 

In short, everything the user needs to feel stimulated by listening. So there is nothing clearer than the value proposition to write in the description we have available to make our product known. 

Attention! I am referring to the description of the whole series, not to that of the individual episodes. The latter, of course, will be written following a similar logic but will essentially refer to the specific topic of the episode in question. 

Now, to understand how much this triad of elements: title, cover and description can influence or not the choice of a listener, how about you give it a try too?

Go to the listening platforms you usually use and scroll, in a category of your interest, the podcasts that appear in the list. Try to think about which of these catches your attention the most. 

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. what features do you notice?
  2. What did you focus on?

This is a great exercise for applying the same concept to your podcast if you're thinking of designing one.

The more you are new to the world of podcasting, the more you have to win over new listeners!

I would like to emphasize that these three visual elements - cover, title and description - are not the only ones decisive for engaging listeners and making us choose.

It is obvious that the reputation of the author, the reviews , perhaps the advice of a friend, have an equally decisive impact . The 3 visual elements I told you about in this article are, however, fundamental both in the design phase of your audio product, and to understand if that book can interest us or not. Do you remember the example of the library?

Well, adopt this technique in the podcast as well.

If you are interested in creating your own podcast, follow all the episodes of Podcast for Business. And if you like the idea of ​​getting to know me a little more, come and visit me on Instagram or Linkedin , where I share tips on these topics

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