Because I Started Doing Podcasts


There is a phrase that I often say: “behind every door, there is everything you still don't know you are“. This is my why that allowed me to cross the threshold to see what other talents I may find I have.

If only a handful of years ago they had told me that I was going to start podcasting I would not have believed it. The world of communication and marketing has always fascinated me but my course of study had actually taken a totally different path. And also my initial professional choices: numbers, budgets, budget analysis, business plans, all things that had little or no affinity with words and sounds.

I often wondered if what I was doing was really what I wanted (and could!) Do for the rest of my life. The answer was always no, but I didn't find the right inspiration to change.

In those moments of reflection I thought about the fateful question "how do you see yourself in 10 years" but, I admit, I had no answer. I am a curious person and I like to acquire new skills and try my hand at something different. I need constant stimulation to find enthusiasm in what I do.

For many, change is synonymous with indecision. I consider it a source of renewal.

My why

Why podcast? Until I crossed the threshold of my “ordinary world” myself, I didn't know I could accomplish anything more than what I was already doing.

I would have liked to write a book of short stories (in reality it is a dream that I have never abandoned and, who knows, maybe one day ...) because I have always liked writing since I was a boy. At school, I loved all the humanities and according to the teachers I was also quite capable.

Then from adolescence and for a good part of my life, I put writing aside without even realizing it. My father wanted me to devote myself to "more concrete" things, something that could become a real job and keep me as an adult. I wanted to study communication or literature and instead, I studied Engineering. I was also good at it and ended up liking it. At least until something else clicked.

The need to write came back to surprise me like an old package found in the attic that I didn't remember existed. Once opened, I was unable to close it again. For this, I went back to studying and chose to master communication and marketing. Then I discovered podcasts and realized that they were fascinating. The wisely told stories with an accompanying sound atmosphere captivated me. I began to write notebooks of thoughts, to rediscover what I thought I no longer possessed. And I wanted to tell the world, with my voice.

My values, my identity

The symbol that identifies me is the wolf, like the stylized logo that encloses my identity. These are the values ​​that I associate with this element and that represent me.


I evolve and improve in contact with the people I work with, professionals in their field who let me enter their world and then be able to tell it, changing perspective but maintaining their authenticity and identity.


Freedom can only be conquered on the condition that one knows how to free oneself from submission and has the courage to look beyond. My work is linked to creativity, to ideas. And ideas are born where you have the strength to think differently, to experience something new. The podcast opens up a new way of communicating.


I love the personality of each story of my work and the nuances that make it unique. It is the distinctive element that enhances one's identity.

How I started podcasting

I don't like to improvise and before doing something I want to study it, and understand it. The podcast fascinated me for the intimacy it transmitted and the possibility of putting one's creativity to good use and seeing the final result. But it was a world unknown to most people. So I enrolled in a podcasting course and then another and another until I knew the dynamics behind creating a complex project. My training continues today because this media is constantly evolving.

Knowledge of copywriting and storytelling helped me in writing the texts for my first podcast. I experienced the hero's journey into an unveiled autobiographical story. I experimented with voice editing and sound design suitable for what I wanted to express. The desire to change was stronger than the fear of making mistakes.

As a listener and then as a podcaster, I understood the communicative potential of the podcast and related it to all the marketing techniques which I was already adopting. It was by far the most interesting way to bring people together and create a relationship. So why stop at just one podcast? With the second I went further.

How to overcome the difficulties of podcasting

It is undoubtedly complex to make a podcast, it requires several skills and a lot of planning and preparation. Not only that, it requires strategic vision, market analysis, and execution, especially if the purpose is to use it to promote one's business. But often the biggest obstacle is us, and we get caught up in the fears common to those who want to start podcast.

At first, I ignored all of this and if it weren't for the podcast training and consulting I relied on, I would have given up sooner than expected. To say it all, I had great motivation but I was groping in the dark.

I would like to take you to across that threshold and discover what you still don't know you can achieve, and rediscover a new way of communicating whether you are a freelancer or a company.

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