Corporate Podcast - How To Use It In Internal Corporate Communication


A decade ago, perhaps no one would have been able to explain a corporate podcast. Indeed, to be honest maybe not even what a podcast was in general. Yet today this media, apparently so young, is having its peak in popularity, as the annual statistics reports indicate. It is therefore not surprising that small and large brands are starting to include it in their communication strategy.


In fact, podcasts are proving useful for expanding your target audience, presiding over new communication contexts, and improving brand awareness toward potential customers. But few know that they can also support companies in fostering better internal communication

Corporate podcasts effectively respond to the new communication needs that today's organizational models have brought out with the adoption of smart and remote working. Certainly more extensive and interesting applicability than the one we are used to.

How can a company use it and with what advantages? I'll tell you about it in this article, bringing you useful examples from which to draw inspiration.


What is the corporate podcast?

Let's start by saying that the corporate podcast is audio content for internal use intended for collaborators and managers of various hierarchical levels. It is a private corporate podcast that can be used exclusively through reserved channels, such as:

  • Company intranet;
  • Proprietary platforms;
  • E-learning platforms. 

Unlike the Branded Podcast which is aimed at an external audience and aims to promote the corporate image, the corporate podcast has more functional areas of application. In particular, it is used for:

  • Disseminate knowledge;
  • Promote corporate culture;
  • Create engagement among employees;
  • Transfer clear messages and information to the entire corporate population. 

Therefore it is aparticularly interesting internal communication channel for HR Managers and for those responsible for the training and information management of the company. Especially if we consider how organizational models have changed with the extension of smart working.

Why use a corporate podcast for internal communication?

The characteristics of the podcast, in terms of usability, distribution, and capillarity, make it suitable for fulfilling the communication needs of today's companies. It arrives in an agile way where other channels cannot.

The way of working has changed, as have the communication and organizational models. The way we interact with colleagues is different and we have different approaches to technology. Not surprisingly, according to Forbes, digital transformation is one of the main HR trends for 2022.

Remote work has decentralized many activities and required a great internal communication capacity. At the same time, it created a collective social detachment that raised a kind of invisible barrier between people. This was unthinkable until a couple of years ago when sharing was the beating heart of professional and personal relationships. 

Living in a similar context means acknowledging the fact that it is not possible to interact directly with the entire company population in the same way as in the past.

Restoring the same climate of interaction and involvement of the past, and adapting it to new working methods - smart working or mixed - is today an even greater challenge. If it is already difficult to do it in small contexts, let's imagine how this can be implemented in a complex and multifaceted context such as that of large companies, in which employees are often located in geographic areas that are very distant from each other.

It is therefore clear how fundamental the role of internal communication is to stay updated on the activities, objectives and strategy of the company, but above all to keep employees motivated. A good flow of communication strengthens bonds, spreads the culture and values ​​of the company, improving its image and credibility. 

Let's say it also plays a social role. The quality of internal corporate communication also has a direct and decisive impact on the general climate in which you work. Consequently, also on the results that are achieved.

I have always imagined the communication flows of a company as a sapling. It starts from the roots, which we can compare to management, and reaches every single leaf, that is, every single employee, and then returns in a circular way.

The sapling is nourishment and if it were ever to be lacking, the plant would die of it. Just as the company would suffer serious damage if the communication did not reach the entire network of employees.

This can happen when the tools that have always been used, for example, are no longer adequate to the current context. But this is where the corporate podcast can take over.

How to use the internal corporate podcast

Here are some ways you can use the corporate podcast in your company:

  1. for training activities, such as e-learning, one of the most used and most widespread methods. Audio content can often be used to complement other training courses, in the form of insights, follow-ups, or individual exercises.
  2. To inform employees about some initiatives or projects implemented by the company.
  3. To create a cognitive path of the organization, structure, and corporate culture. For example, for new employees, it was a real welcome service for those who start working in the company and do not yet know how it is organized. 
  4. To include in company activities all those employees who, due to the nature of the work they carry out, are located at the factories, points of sale, or travel throughout the territory. A way to feel part of a great team. 
  5. To disclose internal procedures, and share best practices or business ethics and principles. 

These are just a few examples that, however, convey the idea of ​​the applicability of a corporate podcast as an internal communication tool. 

The production of corporate audio content can be managed by internal company personnel supported by external professionals for the more technical phases, or entirely commissioned.

Depending on the purpose and content, the corporate podcast can have the voice of its employees or the CEO. In any case, the best choice will depend on the project itself.

Advantages of the corporate podcast

The advantages deriving from the use of the corporate podcast are different:

  • Podcasts humanize the content: There is nothing to be done, the voice has the power to emotionally connect people, much more than an email or an internal circular. This type of connection would already be enough to shorten that social distance I was talking about earlier.
  • Ease of use: Podcasts by definition are on demand and nomadic, that is, they can also be listened to in contexts other than work, for example, while traveling. Imagine a salesperson or an area manager who is constantly on the move, perhaps in the car, between one customer and another, or between the points of sale. He could take advantage of travel to keep up to date with company information and feel part of the team, even from a distance.
  • Ease of management: They can be grouped by topic of interest, by projects or purposes, building a more orderly and usable communication. Well cataloged, in essence.
  • Audience measurement: Compared to many other tools such as emails, corporate blog articles, etc ... it is easier to measure their use. A useful method to understand how much the communication produced reaches people, consequently how much of it is enjoyed. 

In fact, it becomes a channel reserved for those who are enabled and strengthens the bond between the employees themselves because it also creates that sense of community. 

The audio content for the company, allows you to speak to all employees in a way that is much closer and more flexible than other traditional information dissemination tools.


In short, the advantages are not lacking and there are many applications of a company podcast to improve communication aimed at all collaborators.

One more card to play to improve both the quality of the work and the results. On top of that, you could make a difference and meet the new needs of your employees.


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