How To Make A Catchy Podcast Trailer


One of the main elements that make up a podcast is the trailer. If you are working on your own audio project, it will be useful to know what it is and  how to make an  effective  podcast trailer.

It is a strategic tool for the promotion of your podcast as it is the preview of the audio series : it helps you to present the topic on which the contents will focus and, therefore, to attract new listeners.

Depending on your creativity, the podcast trailer can be essential, rich in sound design, narrated in the first person or composed of a collage of other episodes. The important thing is that it achieves its purpose: to make your potential listener say “ Yes, I do! ”And decide to listen to you.

How to make a trailer capable of generating this result?

I will talk about it shortly by highlighting 8 essential points to consider. First, though, I want to explain to you why trailers work and why you should create them too.

Why do trailers work?

To answer this question, I'll tell you an anecdote about me: I love TV series and, for a while, I became almost addicted to them, in spite of myself. I started one and I was literally glued for weeks under the binge watching effect that it knew how to trigger, and then I started another and so on. 

Maybe I wasted so many hours of sleep but, in reality, watching TV series I learned more than I could imagine. 

I analyzed the narrative structures, the development of the stories and dialogues, the construction of the characters and, last but not least, the trailer: the fundamental element of engagement for the user who in front of dozens and dozens of titles must choose what to watch. 

Time spent watching those trailers made me realize what works and why. Ultimately, the trailer serves to :

  • to intrigue and influence viewers;
  • show the most engaging details and scenes;
  • to let a glimpse of the plot of the story;
  • introduce the key characters. 

The podcast trailer has exactly the same function: to present, intrigue and engage; in a word: promote.

It represents your chance to be chosen (or not) by the potential listener who holds, so to speak, the scepter of power.

Let's see now how to make an effective trailer.

Making an effective podcast trailer in 8 steps

Writing an effective trailer means preparing the best possible presentation of your podcast. Taking a cue from the example of the TV series from which I have learned so much, I have extrapolated some significant points that can also be adapted very well to podcasting.

These are the 8 steps to develop to make a well done trailer: 

  1. present and state your Value Proposition , clarifying why a person should listen to you;
  2. identify your audience and reach out to them to capture their attention, if necessary make it clear to whom your content is directed;
  3. introduce characters, guests or a co-host if you anticipate there will be as well as, if you are going to tell stories about other people, it might be helpful to say so;
  4. anticipates elements of engagement but avoids inserting too many spoilers, the rule is represented by "to taste", a bit like salt in recipes;
  5. use storytelling , especially if you are creating a narrative series, tell what you will talk about by retracing the most significant stages of this story;
  6. destructures the plot  (or the essence of your editorial plan), if you have a clear idea of ​​what you will talk about during your podcast, anticipate the themes or communication approaches you will face;
  7. use the music of your soundtrack in order to give an identity imprint to your podcast also from the sound point of view;
  8. keep a duration between 90 and 120 seconds , which is the right time to intrigue without giving too much information.

Also, you need to know that by publishing a minimum of 60 seconds content, platforms can return complete listening statistics. 

Spotify also gives the possibility to isolate the loading of the Trailer so that it is visible on top of other contents and then to pin it at the top. 

This step is very useful so that the trailer can be heard before the episodes and, therefore, without having to scroll through all the episodes. 

Now that I have shared these eight points with you, I think it might be helpful to see some concrete examples.

You can take a cue from the podcast trailers that I personally followed as a Podcast Coach and that you can find in this  playlist .

What I suggest, moreover, is also to listen to different trailers and pay close attention to understand: what attracts you and what you like least, which one has intrigued you the most not only for the topic but also for the shape and structure adopted. 

This is a useful exercise because a good podcaster is first and foremost a good listener. 

Now you can get to work building your podcast trailer: the pilot episode .

If you want to explore the topic further, I suggest you also read this article , in which I explain how to differentiate yourself from the competition.


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