Is The Branded Podcast Only For Companies


I want to twist the concept of the branded podcast. Not because one morning I woke up suddenly with a weird idea but, with good reason, I made a reflection. After having surveyed about 50 freelancers who use podcasts continuously in their online communication, I realized that all in all I was right. The branded podcast is not only for big brands but also for small brands that want to make themselves known.

By small brands I refer to all those freelancers, who work on their own personal branding every day .

How Do Freelancers Use Podcasts? To achieve what goals? Here is what emerged from the survey.

The goals of the branded podcast

The branded podcast is an audio content that communicates a commercial message by talking about the values ​​and identity of the brand or its products and services without being an advertisement. In an indirect but at the same time engaging way, it makes people know who they are and what they do.

The branded podcast works on brand awareness , building that credibility and authority that strengthens a brand's reputation . If this objective is valid for large companies, it is all the more so for their personal branding.

In all areas, communication increases the relationship with your audience and this does nothing but position the brand in people's minds. Awareness of a brand generates trust which, in turn, leads to being chosen precisely for the distinctive characteristics and values ​​it transfers.

Audio has the strong power to get where the written texts stop: it leverages a more intimate relationship so much so that it is more effective to strengthen an existing community or to create one.

Speaking of numbers and objectives, our survey revealed that freelancers use the podcast brand mainly for their own brand awareness, followed by the possibility of forging new business partnerships both with other professionals and in other work contexts related to their business.

In content marketing activities, 32.5% of them prefer it to other media because it bypasses the anxieties that a written text or video puts in front of them. In 17% of cases, the podcast is more effective for forging a relationship with your audience.

The results of the branded podcast for personal branding

The objectives are clear: to work on the awareness and authority of one's personal branding and the results. Overwhelmingly, they all confirmed the podcast's strength in authoritatively positioning their personal brand online, with 72.5% of results even exceeding expectations.

The growth of their business has consequently benefited, although not all in the same percentage.

Like any content marketing activity, the return on investment (ROI) is closely linked to the goals you have set yourself. The data is not always quantifiable when it comes to brand awareness because the benefit is indirect. This explains why in 50% of cases the measurable ROI reaches 5%. In any case, the survey found that 17% of freelancers achieved an ROI between 10-20%, while 20% of the sample achieved a return that exceeds 20% of the investment.

At the same time, the turnover relating to the freelance business grows, attributable to the podcasting activity. 52.5% declare growth of up to 10%, 22% between 10 and 20%, 18% between 30 and 50% increase, and 7.5% exceed 50% of turnover since started using a podcast as a marketing tool.


When a podcast brand really works

When asked the podcasters directly for their opinion on how to make this media really work these are the advice of the professionals :

  • Design before starting : structure the strategy and positioning well, starting from the target and the editorial plan to identify the right levers for your business.
  • Training: learn to use the tool through courses or expert advice so as not to find yourself abandoning the project shortly after starting.
  • Begin by having the constancy to continue to increase your skills and improve also in the technical part.

The podcast brand fits well into the content marketing strategy but must be supported by related activities, such as social media, your website and the use of newsletters. Neither of these tools alone benefits your personal branding. They all take on importance because they work on different fronts as part of a cog.

The branded podcast, after all, is part of this mechanism, even if you are a freelancer.

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