Making A Podcast: 4 Good Reasons


"Why make a podcast?" is a question that I am often asked and perhaps it is the same one that you have asked yourself, at least once. When it comes to business podcasts, freelancers and small business owners are generally intrigued by this type of communication. At the same time, I realize that they still have some qualms about integrating it into their strategy. 

Is podcast really such a useful tool for business? The question is legitimate, and that is why I will try to give you 4 good reasons to consider it as such.

Each communication channel meets different interests and adapts to specific ways of use for users. So there is no better channel than another ever. However, the podcast has characteristics that make it more or less capable of grabbing the attention of your potential customer.

As we will see in the article, making a podcast means:

  • Humanize your content
  • Become recognizable
  • Convert your prospects
  • Broaden your audience

1. Humanize your content

The first reason podcast becomes effective is that it allows you to humanize your content. This is necessary to bring people closer to your brand, especially in a communicative context like the current one in which we are saturated with content.

Do you know what the attention level of people online is? Really low. According to Google engineers, we have reached a threshold of 8 seconds maximum. And no, it doesn't happen because our brains have changed. We didn't suddenly become chronically distracted or disinterested in everything. The amount of information we are subjected to has changed.

What happens to our brains when we receive such a large amount of information? It happens that he makes a selection and chooses to whom or what to direct attention based on what inspires him to trust. This applies to you, me, and the millions of users out there.

One of the books that were part of my professional training, “Tell me who you are”, explains very well how our attention falls on who we consider authoritative. Speaking of social media, he mentions how in the continuous scrolling of contents we focus mainly on the contents of those we respect and with whom we have established a connection because over time they have won our trust. In practice, it is the Brand that makes the difference, to a much greater extent than the value of the contents themselves.

This is supported by what reports an Ipsos research cited by Salvatore Russo in his latest book & Love Story. People today choose which brand to approach based on:

  • the impact they will have on their lives
  • by the values, ​​it speaks for
  • of the ethical choices, it carries out.

Want to know why podcasting can make a difference? Voice, and audio in general, have the power to convey more confidence than other media. People trust whoever talks to them. This is also demonstrated by this chart for the Trust Index 2022

The radio, which is the closest medium to the podcast, is by far the medium we trust more than others, social in the first place.

With our voice, we have the power to convey the emotions, the intentions of a message, our communication style, our personality, and our identity. It is difficult to lie with the voice.

That's why humanizing the content helps bring people closer to our brand. And consequently to our business.

2. Making a podcast makes us recognizable

With the podcast, we enter people's ears and talk to them face-to-face in a totally intimate context. We become a familiar presence in the daily life of those who listen to us.

You would recognize one voice among a thousand because it is unique. Uniqueness makes us recognizable.

“The people who follow the podcast have particular attention and different attention, they are more loyal. They have a different focus on communication even compared to what can be a communication on YouTube. There is a higher quality of the relationships that are built. Then the relationships and when they become business relationships they can turn into objectives that can be achieved together ".

Sebastian D

People pay different attention when listening to podcasts. What makes the difference is precisely the intimacy that the use of that type of content brings with it. There is no visual distraction like in the videos, the speaker has only the voice as a means of connection.

This makes the podcast the ideal tool to open a dialogue with your listeners. It's called relationship marketing. And this is its distinctive element. 

3. Convert potential prospects

If we use the podcast for marketing, to make ourselves known, and to disseminate useful information, the direct conversion of a listener may not occur after listening to a podcast episode. 

However, we trigger a process, we activate a communication channel that makes us connect with that person who, listening to us today and listening to us tomorrow, leads to the construction of a relationship. 

This is the advantage of audio communication. We retain our audience, we create a space for relationships. We create a deeper bond with people.

In the episode of my Podcast for Business that you can listen to below, I interviewed Matteo Neroni, psychologist and psychotherapist and author of the Liberamente podcast. Listening to his direct experience will make you understand how podcasting can serve your brand. Here you will find an excerpt of what he himself said.

“As for me, and I start from the end, I start from the current situation that five years ago I thought was simply utopian, thanks to the podcast I can say today that I am an extremely satisfied professional. I have a full agenda of patients and today in a very very proud way I can say that almost all 90% of these patients come from the podcast. They are all people who have listened to my audio and who over time have then developed within themselves the desire to start a path of personal growth together with me through the form of psychotherapy.

Matt Odedara

In addition to their experience, I have tested the effectiveness of podcast marketing myself. In fact, several times after listening to some podcasts I then contacted those people to purchase their products and services. 

This is because over time I have begun to know them and gradually trust them. I knew what their vision and style were. I chose them for this very reason. 

4. Expand the audience

Exactly, making a podcast can allow us to reach even those who are not inclined to use other means of communication. How? Our lifestyle leads us to have less and less time and often also to keep ourselves informed or learn new things. Even just spending a moment of entertainment becomes difficult in the daily routine. 

The podcast can be the means by which we reach that slice of people who, due to their lifestyle, struggle to find the time to read articles in peace or watch videos online. Maybe while driving, taking their children to football, or playing sports, they can spend time enjoying the content that interests them. 

If I had already been in the habit of listening to podcasts when I worked in the company and spent two hours every day in Newyorktraffic, how much time could I have spent more profitably? Once I met them, as you will have understood, I never stopped. 

Diversifying our communication by making a podcast, even if we already have a blog, and a YouTube channel and we are present on social networks, can make us reach even those people who do not normally read a blog article, do not watch videos, and are not on social networks. 

Why not give them this opportunity through a podcast? Maybe thanks to yours? If you are thinking about it and want to find out how to insert the podcast in your online communication strategy, send me a voice on Telegram or contact me by email and we will immediately set up a free cognitive call.


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