Podcast For Bloggers: Ideas To Get Started


A few weeks ago, when I read the story of Tim Ferriss who gave birth to a podcast show with millions of plays from his blog, I was even more convinced of the potential of this means of communication. Creating a podcast for bloggers is not only possible, it is even a boost to your online presence.

Of course, there is only one Tim Ferriss but the point is another. Even web copywriting professionals can use podcasts to promote their personal branding , differentiating themselves from an already saturated market and intercepting a new audience , different from readers. In fact, audio content satisfies an increasingly consistent user need: to optimize time.

Since the podcast is a nomadic tool, those who listen to you can learn, inform themselves and have fun while doing other activities. It therefore opens the doors of your content even to those who spend little time reading but would gladly listen to you while taking the dog for a walk.

Going from text to audio is a big leap forward that perhaps not everyone feels like taking. It may actually be less complicated than you think and even less expensive than a well-made video on youtube.

Consider that you already have three elements in your favor:

  • you are an expert in your field
  • you are used to writing content
  • you have a solid community.

Isn't that already a good starting point? It certainly is, as it takes all three of these things to make the podcast a welcome content. Whatever your niche, you could broaden your audience by also reaching those who prefer listening to reading, but above all do cross marketing . And that's exactly what I did by making the Zampe in Famiglia podcast for a client. We started from the blog and then made an audio project including experts, interviews and testimonials.

To help you understand how a podcast for bloggers can be useful, I've taken three examples from the most popular categories in blogging:

  • travel blogger
  • food blogger
  • book blogger

Podcast for travel bloggers

What is the last trip that excited you? Each trip tells us about countries, cultures, stories and we experience it at least twice: with our eyes and in memories.

As a travel blogger you know how to use writing to drag the reader to discover those places. But imagine being able to convey your emotions with your voice, your personality as you tell what you saw and how you experienced it.

Some ideas on how to use the podcast alongside your blog:

  • create guided tours in which to accompany the listener as they visit the places you mentioned in your blog. The ingredients are many: imagine being there with him, take him to explore the streets, reveal an anecdote related to a place, rediscover a historical moment that made a square or a monument glorious, add background music that recalls that era .
  • Interview local people to tell the life of the place from the voice of those who live there.
  • Promote niche tourism together with local authorities.
  • Telling the journey as you have lived it, leading the listener to see the hidden corners, discover the cuisine and the local people, letting him imagine what he cannot see with his eyes.

Just a few examples of what can be done with a travel blogger podcast. There is no limit to the imagination. You can make the most of your experience, creativity and desire to experiment.

Even if you listen to the audio through headphones and, mostly alone, it creates proximity: I listen and imagine that I am right there, in the place the podcast is talking about. I see it in front of me. Perhaps it is even possible to create a community of people who all imagine they are in the same place.

Food blogger or food podcaster?

Cooking is known, in Italy it is synonymous with culture. Each recipe is a story handed down for generations, sometimes linked to historical anecdotes or even to more or less known myths and legends. This makes them special and different from country to country, from family to family.

The world of food bloggers is certainly not uninhabited. Knowing how to stand out requires inspiration, personality and even a pinch of foresight. In order to open up new opportunities and collaborations, you need to stand out from the crowd.

The podcast could be one more card to play than your competitors. To date, there aren't many food bloggers with their own podcast channel.

Starting from the simplest proposal to the doors to your creativity, I give you some podcast ideas :

  • Audio recipes : a simple but not obvious concept, if you consider that not everyone can read a recipe and it would be easier if someone guided you as you juggle pots and stoves. With your voice, it will be like cooking together.
  • From recipe to history : intersect blogs and podcasts leaving recipes on posts and lead the reader to listen to the story of that dish, the roots, the culture, your magic touch.
  • Collaborations : create episodes with other food bloggers, chefs, food and wine producers to validate and enrich what you talk about in your blog.

Telling books with audio

I know some talented book bloggers who with their written texts manage to review essays and manuals, apparently emotionally uninvolving, with great skill. They inspire, intrigue, entice their readers to approach that book.
If this is the power that can come from their pen, think how much their voice can be.

Telling books with audio could go beyond just reviewing.

I'll give you some examples of podcasts for book bloggers:

  • interview the authors : getting to know a book from the voice of the person who wrote it is always exciting. You discover the background, the background, the vicissitudes and give your reader the opportunity to hear "live" who wrote that text. The interview always gives an advantage in terms of visibility: audiences, yours and the author, mix and expand, bringing additional traffic to both your blog and your podcast.
  • Create a literary salon to listen to: comment on a book with someone else, citing significant passages that have struck you, place it in a historical context, tell your reading experience and combine everything with the right sound for that literary genre.
  • Mixing books and passions : if you have other interests in addition to books, you could combine a review with new contexts such as travel, music, lifestyles, culture; a pleasant and very creative digression.

How to post the podcast on the blog

Integrating an audio file into the blog is very simple. The hosts and listening platforms allow the embedding of the entire series or a single episode in the backends of the most popular CMS, such as WordPress. Just retrieve the link or shortcode of the podcast .

In this way you will do cross marketing and facilitate listening and discovery of the podcast itself. On the one hand, those who are not used to enjoying podcasts from dedicated apps can listen to it directly from your website. On the other hand, those who discover the podcast from the listening platforms, could arrive at your blog thanks to the links you insert in the notes of the episodes.

If you already have an established community on your blog, it will be easy for readers to discover your podcast. And vice versa, driving new traffic to your site from the listening platforms.


I have always thought that creating authentic relationships and broadening one's communication horizons are the key to growing and developing one's online presence. There is never one and only channel that can make us achieve the goals we have set ourselves. It is the contribution of multiple players to make a game a winner.

The podcast is one of the players in the field with distinctive characteristics and peculiarities that no other means possess. It brings us closer to people and opens up new paths. This is why it works very well within the marketing strategy of companies and freelancers. Think of content as a way to affirm your identity: the closer you are to people, the more the memory of you will increase in their mind.

Have you already thought about how to integrate the podcast into your marketing strategy? If this article has intrigued you and you want to learn more, contact me. I will be happy to help you develop your idea and get you into the world of podcasting

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