Podcast Marketing: What It Is And What Are The Benefits For Your Business


Podcast marketing refers to the use of audio content as a tool to grow your business. A strategy that is proving to be successful, both for the impact of the podcast on the global market and for the very nature of the medium.

In recent years, podcasting has achieved some of the highest growth rates in digital communication, in terms of production and audience, thus opening up new opportunities for companies and freelancers.

The most attentive brands have ridden the wave and used this new media to their advantage to preside over platforms that are not yet crowded. If you are reading this article, perhaps you are not yet among them, but the topic interests you and you want to understand how and why the podcast is a tool to consider if you have a business.

Podcast marketing has its advantages. As we will see, the intrinsic characteristics of the podcast actually include it as a completely new format, capable of bridging gaps in use that other channels cannot satisfy.

The key is to understand how it differs and when it really becomes a winning tool. Let's start by giving meaning to the word podcast marketing.

What is podcast marketing?

If we want to give an exhaustive definition we must start with the meaning of content marketing :

"Content marketing is a business process that is based on the creation and dissemination of quality content capable of attracting, involving and accompanying a well-defined audience in the decision-making process, from the discovery of the brand to the purchase phase."

The goal of content marketing is to increase the sales of your products or services by disseminating information, useful advice, experiences, or answers to common problems of your target audience. And therefore, respond to people's needs and give them what they want.

Probably you too, who are now reading this article, came here because you were looking for an answer. Content marketing does this: it informs, educates, inspires, and engages and then leads you to choose with more awareness.

The fact is that we are now submerged in content and emerging is really difficult. Just think about how many results appear when you ask a question on search engines.

You will agree with me that today it is no longer just the quality of a product or service that determines sales. If we put the consumer's hat on for a moment, the answer is clear: you and I buy also driven by other factors. We look for answers to our needs, useful advice, and experiences to recognize ourselves, we look for solutions to problems. But above all, we are looking for people to trust.

And how can we trust if we don't know who is behind that brand? If we do not know the values ​​it advocates and what ethics does it pursue? This is what is called relationship marketing. And that's what podcast marketing is all about.

So what's the secret? In the words of business communication, “a brand doesn't have to be perfect, but true”. This means making ourselves known for who we are, our personality, and our tone of voice. Perfection does not make anyone fall in love. Rather, we become attractive when we are true.

This is the key to success: being authentic. Authenticity is what leads to a relationship with your audience. A relationship that day after day will make you choose, thanks to the contents until your users become customers.

And this is where podcast marketing comes in. But before we delve into the advantages of using this tool, let's take a look at the global podcast scene.

The numbers of the global podcast market

Podcasting is constantly growing worldwide. It had its first real momentum at the end of 2001, thanks to the BBC worldwide show. Go Digital.

Since that moment, the podcasting market has never stopped. Indeed, it continues to advance.

To make you understand the extent of this phenomenon, let the data talk.
Below is an excerpt of those disclosed in the latest Ipsos Digital Audio Survey 2022, which only takes into consideration the podcast in the truest sense, that is, unpublished native audio content. To better understand what a podcast is, I refer you to the dedicated article.

In 2022, the growth of listeners was + 9.4% compared to 2021, a year which among other things had already recorded a surge in audiences and productions driven by the pandemic effect.

This is explained by the fact that the podcast's feature is to be:

  • Nomadic: that is, I listen to it wherever I am;
  • On demand: I listen to it as often as I want;
  • Hands and eyes free: I have eyes and hands-free.

This means that it is grafted into contexts so far not crossed by any other type of content: while I drive, while I shop, while I play sports, while I cook or do the housework, while I walk the dog. All these touchpoints are invaluable in terms of marketing. How many other channels allow you to assimilate information while doing something else? Maybe none.

Finally, the duration of the average podcast listening is truly remarkable: up to 20-30 'per day. Considering the habits of users when they browse on social networks and the level of distraction to which we are subject, it is very interesting data

Undoubtedly, presiding over an expanding market right from the start is an advantage in itself. Indeed we can say it is the basis of a winning podcast marketing strategy.

The benefits of podcast marketing

If I wanted to summarize in a few concepts what are the advantages of the podcast in a content marketing strategy, I would define them like this:

  • the power of the voice in creating the maximum involvement of the listener;
  • the flexibility of using audio content while other activities are carried out at the same time;
  • the relationship that is established with the listener and the trust that derives from it.

These are all elements that are the basis of effective communication in terms of marketing. Being able to capture the listener's attention in a social context in which distraction is a predominant component, means involving words and sounds that stimulate immersive mental images, retaining an audience with useful and valuable content for the listener.

All this happens, however, when the podcast is created with a precise strategy, designed in detail, and suitable for the target audience. It's not enough to just turn on a microphone and talk. Podcast marketing is something else and requires a plan.

When podcasts and marketing become a winning synergy

To make your way into the hearts of listeners, making known the brand, the products, and the services offered, you need to create a podcast marketing strategy.

The mistake I often hear is believing that the podcast is an advertisement. Although podcast marketing is about a commercial message, it doesn't use a push strategy to reach it. This is true even if the podcast is used as a personal branding tool.

It is the user who chooses to listen to that content, and not vice versa. So the dynamic is reversed.

The strong point is the intimate and empathic relationship with the listener to generate trust and therefore sales.

Therefore, the podcast becomes a winner if:

  • puts the user at the center with useful content in which he can identify and feel involved
  • starts with the definition of clear objectives
  • it is aimed at a specific target
  • gives voice to corporate or personal identity and to the values ​​it embodies.

All this comes from an initial design that is not improvised but is studied according to what you want to achieve.



In a successful strategy, the podcast is inserted as an innovative, distinctive element. It works and becomes a winner if you take into account the assets on which it rests and is designed from the beginning.

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