Podcast Producer: Who He Is And What He Does


The podcast producer is one of the emerging professions of the digital world that have entered the job market in recent years. As often happens in these cases, it is not always clear what their work consists of.

In America, where the podcast was born, this profession is already widely known, with greater skills and experience in the market and its presence is increasing, just like it happened for bloggers.

The podcast producer designs, creates, and distributes a podcast series on behalf of clients. Provides information, support, and tools to create audio content for the promotion of your brand.

It assists freelancers to find their own way to communicate with the podcastinnovate their online presence, coordinate it with other communication channels and give back a method to give voice to their brand. He takes care of the entire creative process or supports only the most operational phases, even if he usually does not work alone but collaborates with other professional figures, such as sound engineers, authors, and professional speakers.

How to become a podcast producer

The figure of the podcast producer aggregates a plurality of skills: writing and storytelling skills, strategic marketing, knowledge of audio and sound design, and interpersonal and organizational skills.

Some podcast producers come from the radio or from the audio-cinematographic world. It is best to start training yourself to learn about the structure of a podcast, distribution, building a story, and add more strategic courses to use the podcast as a marketing communication channel, both at a corporate and personal branding level.

How the work of the podcast producer develops

Creating a podcast means creating a real articulated project in which different technical and strategic skills intersect. It starts by listening to the customer's needs and then devising a concept, thinking about the contents, sound design, post-production, and finally distribution and promotion.

There are three main phases:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

In the first phase, there is the whole part of the brand analysis and design of the audio product. We start from the brief with the client to know his positioning, brand identity, objectives, and target. Then the proposal of the concept is made in which the subject, mood, and format are defined, and with it also the identification of authors, speakers, and sound designers, according to the customer's requests and the available budget.

Once the customer's approval is obtained, we proceed with the production phase, in which the audio product is actually made. The script in this case is essential if you want to convey a precise and defined message and requires preparation. To write content, you need to gather information, do research, or if applicable, write interviews to extract key concepts to be developed.

The "writing by voice" is different from that intended for reading only. The language must be simple, fluid, and realistic to accompany the listener in a coherent narrative thread. Contrary to what happens with reading, the user who listens cannot go and “re-read” certain passages to memorize them. So the message must be linear, perhaps with repetitions to help fix the concepts.

One of the secrets to understanding if the script is suitable for listening is to read the text aloud. In this way, any heaviness or unclear passages will be evident.

The recording of the voice, the choice of music, and sound effects are part of this phase.

LetsTranscript provides both automated and human transcription services quickly to turn your podcast recordings into searchable text at a very competitive price.

  • Automated Transcription - 10 cents/audio-minute
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Finally, with the post-production of the podcast, we arrive at the final product. Voice editing, editing, and audio mixing are the elements that make all the content stand out. This phase requires time and skill, as well as patience, especially if you are making a narrative podcast in which sound is an important element to immerse the listener in the story.

When more informative and less constructed products are created, a simpler sound design can be chosen to more space for the narrator.

When choosing a branded podcast service

Each podcast is a unique and original product, there is no real standard. Each brand, whether it is a company or a freelancer, has its own identity, tone of voice, and values ​​that distinguish them. But above all, it has different needs, objectives, and targets, so it is designed in a personalized way.

The branded podcast is chosen to create brand awareness, make yourself known in a new market, reach a new audience and expand online communication channels. It is suitable for companies and freelancers. You can design narrative podcasts that talk about the values ​​of the brand or simpler formats, suitable for freelancers who want to disseminate and retain their community.

The podcasts for personal branding have content edited by the customer himself and it is his narrator. If you already have a clear picture of what your goals are, the target, and the topics to be developed, the StartupNation podcast is the right one.

In this case, my job consists in:

  • Define an editorial plan (preferably from an SEO perspective ) consistent with the message and the objectives to be achieved
  • Take care of editing and writing
  • Proceed to distribute the audio content

This service is designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or managers who want to put their voices and be protagonists of communication themselves, without thinking about the technical part of building and editing the audio.

When to choose podcast advice

When you decide to make a podcast from scratch, you don't always have a clear idea. You may have a macro view of the topics to be developed, have listened to other podcasts, and are ready to experiment, but the whole picture is still shrouded in fog. You are missing something.

Don't worry, it's pretty normal when you are experimenting with something new.

Rather, the most common mistake I see is starting anyway without evaluating some fundamental aspects. The risk is to spend a lot of time and resources on a project that fails to take off and then abandons along the way.

With podcast consulting focused on your projects, you can focus your energies and use them without wasting them. I will give you a method to plan your content, structure the episodes, and define the production.


The podcast producer is a complex figure in which more skills converge. Making a product without a strategy risks leading to failure. With the help of a professional, you can recover time and energy and focus on the goals you want to achieve.

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