Value Proposition: The First Step To Creating An Effective Podcast


The value proposition is perhaps the most important aspect of marketing communication for your business. It contains all the elements that determine how you differentiate yourself in the market and why potential customers should choose you rather than your competitors.

It always starts from a clear vision of your business and is the meeting point between your offer and the audience you are targeting. It is one of the very first analyses that every entrepreneur and freelancer must do before positioning themselves on the market. 

Consequently, strategic choices in terms of communication, relationships, and investments derive from its definition. This means that it is reflected in every single product or service you offer, and in turn, they contribute to realizing your value proposition. 

The podcast is a product that you offer to the market and for it to be an effective marketing tool it must have a clear and explicit value proposition. All the more so if you are using podcasts to promote your business. If so, the value proposition will need to align with that of your brand.

In this article, we will see together the meaning of the value proposition in the podcast, what tools to use to build it and an example to understand it well


What is the value proposition?

Before declining the definition in the podcast, let's start with the general concept. We will need it to better understand the specific application.

Literally, value proposition means value proposition and indicates what are the benefits that your brand offers to your customers. It is a real declaration of intent that embodies the strengths of your brand, the characterizing elements, and the response to the needs or desires of your target audience.

In practice, it briefly explains your uniqueness and answers which you must know how to answer if you have (or want to launch) a business: 

"Why should a person buy something from you and not from others?".

It does not matter if you have just registered for VAT or if you have been in business for some time. If you haven't already, now really is the time to determine what your promise of value is. But know that if you don't have a clear idea of ​​what your vision is, you will hardly be able to make your future customers perceive it. 

Defining the value proposition requires a work of analysis and research, of oneself and of one's own market. Understanding, in essence, what your strengths and your differentiating element are

On paper, it seems like a pretty simple thing to do, but I assure you that it is one of the most troubling things when you start working on your own project. And do you know why? Because even when we are aware of our value we find it hard to communicate it. 

Yet it is necessary to do this because it is one of the most important factors for the conversion. It serves to:

  • Make your customers understand immediately what you offer;
  • Focus on what differentiates you from your competitors;
  • Get out of the grip of the "price lever";
  • Attract the "right" customers, who share your values ​​and will probably follow you over time;
  • Increase your sales accordingly.

To make you understand the importance of defining the value proposition, consider this: the perception of the value that a person attributes to a product or service always goes beyond the intrinsic characteristics of the same. It is linked to the meanings, it confers on them on the basis of personal needs and desires. It's about the emotions that one feels, the experiences, and the impact that product or service will have on people's lives. 

Note: the impact your products have on people's lives… that is, what does it satisfy? and how does it do it? Let's take some examples: feeling safer, fitter, more exclusive, having the feeling of saving time or money. These are good examples of the feelings that a well-defined value proposition can evoke.

Now, with all these aspects in mind, let's translate the definition of value proposition into the podcast.

The value proposition of the podcast

So far so good, but… if I talk about podcasts, does anything change? No. The value proposition of the podcast clearly and succinctly indicates what is the benefit for the listener. It's the transformative promise you deliver with your audio content. It includes the essence of the message, the target audience, and why they should listen to it. 

The podcast can be a great communication channel to make your brand known. It's a full-fledged marketing product, and as such, it too must have its value proposition.

For what reason? Let's play a game: imagine that the podcast is a novelty product displayed among the others on the supermarket shelf. If the packaging is well thought out it will probably catch your attention and then, if it piques your interest, before buying it you will read all the sides of the package to understand what it is and if it is suitable for you. Basically, you will evaluate the value proposition that the product is declaring. You will take a look at the price and if the perceived value is higher for you, you will buy it. 

Just like anything else on the market, a person chooses to listen to a podcast when its value proposition is clear.

So here's what happens when you explicitly state your value proposition in the podcast:

  • your listeners immediately understand what you offer;
  • how do you differentiate yourself from other podcasts of the same topic;
  • you manage to attract the right listeners;
  • you can increase your ratings more easily.

That's why we can say that defining your value proposition is the first step to creating an effective podcast

How can you build it and with what tools? Also in this case using the same method applied to define the value proposition of a brand.

Value proposition canvas

The model that underlies the definition of a value proposition is the Value Proposition Canvas. It is a tool that allows you to synthetically analyze your customer segments and your offer to find their meeting points.

This outline helps you get an overview and focus on how to respond to your customers' needs. It is often used to define one of the blocks of the Business Model Canvas during the strategic analysis of a business.

Let's see how to decline the original version of this model to derive the value proposition of your podcast. I specify that the method I propose is designed in a particular way for podcast marketing to support your business. However, the principles on which it is based are valid for any type of podcast.

Always start from the three sections of the circle, that is, from the profile of your potential listeners. This is a crucial step. The podcast works when it focuses on the user, not ourselves. So everything you decide to create must be designed to be useful to them, according to the needs, desires, and emotions that move them. 

A suggestion: start by thinking about who your current customers are, what characteristics they have in common, what they look for in your services, and what they buy. After that, explore any related profiles you might dedicate your podcast.

When filling in the sections of the square, work on these three aspects:

  • How the podcast message would respond to the needs of your audience.
  • How your specific experience on the subject could make a difference.
  • What kind of benefits would the listener derive in terms of greater benefits or fewer problems.

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