What Is The Podcast Model Canvas


The Podcast Model Canvas is the result of a process that I have refined over time by working alongside professionals and individuals in the realization of their audio projects . In fact, in addition to having developed my personal communication strategy for the Podcast for Business series , I have also analyzed all the activities necessary to set up a sustainable and functional audio project.


This analysis led me to adapt, for the podcast, a tool already widely used successfully in business model innovation: the Business Model Canvas . Starting from that outline, I have reformulated a strategy map to have a clear and sharp view of what you need before starting your podcast.

As I always say, the podcast is a real project, so it must be thought of exactly as such. The approach is no different from what would be reserved for any other type of business or commercial project.


So let's go into the merits of this precious tool to understand what it is and how to use it best.

What is the Podcast Model Canvas and what is it for

In practice, the Podcast Model Canvas is a graphic scheme that allows you to visualize all the constituent elements of your podcast in a synthetic but highly strategic way. It is a tool that helps you evaluate which actions to take, which to delegate and which to invest in the best possible way.

It is made up of 9 blocks divided as follows:

  • strategic partners : indicate who can help you in the creation of the podcast, your allies;
  • fundamental activities : which activities are needed to concretely carry out the project;
  • value proposition : your value proposition to the listener;
  • personality : indicates the style, the way of relating you want to establish with the listener;
  • ideal listeners : who you really turn to;
  • resources needed : what you need for everything to work;
  • channels : where you will distribute and communicate your audio project;
  • structural costs : what types of costs you need to foresee and how to break them down;
  • revenue streams : how you can put your project to good use.

The Podcast Model Canvas is a sort of visual board that groups all the information to keep under control. The principle on which it is based, as already anticipated, is the same as the Business Model Canvas, widely used by companies and managers before starting a business. In this case, I studied it specifically for a podcast project.

It includes the operational aspects but also the strategic partners to be involved who can support you in the implementation, the cost analysis both in economic terms and in emotional resources. It reflects which communication channels you have chosen, the personality you want to bring into play, the value you offer, the return you want to achieve and  how  you want to do it.

Have you ever heard the expression "the big picture"? Here I think it may well explain what the Podcast Model Canvas is: an overall general picture of your project.

How to use the Podcast Model Canvas

For this tool to reveal its maximum effectiveness, it is essential that you take the time to compile it. The approach must be creative but at the same time thoughtful. Every single area must be evaluated and estimated in a realistic, not utopian way.

Go into detail as much as possible without neglecting aspects that, even if minimal, can make a difference in the overall project. If you find it useful, get someone to help you brainstorm and hypothesize even more scenarios. Nobody forbids you to compile multiple Podcast Model Canvases for the same project.

To fill it out, what I suggest you do is take a nice A3 size sheet, lots of nice colored markers or post-its and write by hand to bring out all your creativity. If in some areas you find it difficult, let a few days pass and resume work later. You will see that letting the ideas settle will help you develop new and better ones.

Only when you are sure or certain that you have prepared your final version can you formalize the scheme on a spreadsheet.

What to insert concretely in each of the 9 blocks that make up the Podcast Model Canvas? I'll answer that in a moment.


PMC: why use it

After describing what the Podcast Model Canvas is , I'll explain why you should use it in your strategy. The fundamental prerequisite for reaping the greatest benefit from a podcast is that it is a sustainable project . This means that it must be created taking into account your availability in terms of time and resources, activating a process that can be maintained. If not, you would risk abandoning it in no time.

The podcast is not a hit and run content nor something that can be improvised, especially if we want it to be a marketing product to support our business. 

The investment of time and energy, if done wisely, certainly pays off. And for this to be the case, motivation and organization must become the keywords of your vocabulary and your mindset, especially if you are freelance and the activities mostly fall on you.

Planning activities and knowing in advance what it takes to get started is the first step to being successful. That's why I developed this tool.

I am convinced that the podcast opens up new opportunities, but it requires a certain effort to give results, and maintaining it over time can be a challenge. A challenge, however, that is worth accepting.

One of the things I learned by following the marketing and communication courses (and that I will never tire of saying) is that creating content is the only thing that can really make a difference in building your personal brand. Thanks to the contents, people know you, like you, follow you and choose you.

This is also demonstrated by the result of a survey carried out by the  Content Marketing Institute  in 2021 on a sample of 1707 professionals made up of Content Creators, Marketing Managers, General Managers, etc ... belonging to different sectors. The report states that the vast majority of respondents had achieved their business goals thanks to the content. 

Let's talk about:

  • increase brand awareness
  • build credibility and trust
  • retain existing customers
  • generate new leads
  • and ultimately increase sales.

And the podcast has all the credentials to be a content capable of achieving all these goals. But what really makes the difference in getting people's attention and trust is consistency in creating content.

Being consistent is one of the hardest things and few really manage to be. Nonetheless, it is not impossible. And this is where the sustainability of a podcast comes into play: with the right strategy and overview, you can foster perseverance. How? Planning your audio project.

Plan your project with the Podcast Model Canvas

In 2020, thanks to the pandemic and the increased time available, there was a surge in new podcasts. Many people have tried to get involved with a new and rapidly growing means of communication and have published the first episodes. Then, however, many of these projects remained unfinished, most likely also because they were not sustainable in the long term.

Those who went on had a nice advantage in terms of positioning.

It is not difficult to imagine that everything you can foresee in advance will help you develop your podcast with greater awareness and understand where to intervene. It can be about simplifying some process or choosing a format that best suits your skills, skills and resources. 

This is the method that I also apply with my clients because each person and each project has their own peculiarities and needs. 

Have you ever thought about it? It is a simple but not simplistic analysis. It definitely makes a difference. You are wondering "Ok, nice but how can I do it?". Here, now that I have explained to you in detail what the Podcast Model Canvas is, I want to give you a bonus!

In fact, you just need to download the Podcast Model Canvas diagram for free by clicking on this link.

You will have at your disposal both the template and a guide to understand how to compile it effectively. What I propose to you today is to fine-tune your own PMC. Whether you're just thinking about starting your own podcast, or you've already started one and want to straighten the game. 


If you use it I will be happy to receive your feedback and I will tell you right away that if you need further support I am available for a discussion together. 

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