What Is Transcription

A transcription is an act of transferring a recording to a written document, and while this may sound simple and light, it is a problematic and complex task that requires considerable skill and experience. When is transcription needed, what are its benefits, what are the challenges faced by the transcriber and how can they overcome and guarantee an accurate result? All the answers are in the article before you.


What is transcription and what is it needed for?

Transcription is, as stated, transferring a recording to a written document, and is often needed - whether by journalists who conduct many interviews and cannot sit down with the interviewee and type in every word, and therefore record the conversation and make sure to transcribe it, whether for legal purposes to give an indication. Any particular industry to be relevant to meet the situation, for organizational needs, such as transcript of board meetings is a kind of protocol. However, it has value and validity only when it transmits what is being said accurately and completely, something that is not easy to do.

The challenges posed by transcription

While the benefits of transcription are many and varied, not only can unsuccessful transcription cause delay, it can also be significantly harmful. In order to properly transcribe a number of skills are required, such as sharp hearing, knowledge of the language including a good ear for accents and various forms of speech, proficiency in the content transcribed for example, in medical content - unfamiliar with terms from this industry will be difficult, as it is sometimes necessary to repeatedly listen to the same passage to decipher what is being said, otherwise there is missing content in the written product. If an unskilled transcriber takes on the challenge of transcription, the difficulties may make the task particularly challenging and long-lasting, and even the result is not necessarily satisfactory.

A professional transcriber can meet your transcription needs, proofread to ensure accuracy. Take the first step now and contact our transcription company to discuss your upcoming project.