Call Transcription

In today’s media age call transcripts can back you up as proof in court. Because each of us can be recorded and every call we make can be recorded and constitute actual evidence in court. Therefore, the need often arises to perform professional transcripts for recording conversations.

Transcription of conversations usually includes two people, sometimes even more so in the case of a conference, the transcript has various rules in which it should be written, such as numbering the lines, writing the speakers, recording time, and more. Of course, a proper transcript should be made by a person who does not know the parties and has no conflict of interest of one kind or another to one of the parties.

What transcripts of conversations are acceptable in court?

In order for a transcript of a conversation to be admissible in court, it is important to make sure that at least the parties participating in the conversation are aware of the recording i.e. recording of two people talking without their knowledge is prohibited and unacceptable in court. Therefore, if the recorder himself participates in the conversation, it is not a problem to use the transcript of this conversation as evidence in court.

High-quality call transcript

Transcribing recordings on its face sounds like a pretty simple thing, but in fact, it is a longer process than it seems to us and there are various difficulties that accompany the transcription process. Many people simply "swallow" words, which makes it difficult to write continuously, and clearly, sometimes it is necessary to listen to the same passage several times in order to clearly understand what was said in the conversation. In some cases, the conversation revolves around professional topics and terms that the transcriber does not know, so he must examine how to correctly list and understand the terms.

Transcript of a conversation is much more than words

Transcribing a conversation between two people requires more than writing the words, when transcribing properly we are interested in conveying the spirit of things in the conversation as well. Commas dots and exclamation marks can certainly change the spirit of what is said in the transcript. We are in fact conveying the intent of the speakers more clearly in writing. It is therefore important that the transcriber has experience and professionalism in his field.

Fast and uncompromising transcription

Sometimes a quick transcript is needed from one day to the next in order to provide quick evidence to the court, sometimes the calls come just hours before the court hearing.

Lets Transcript provides urgent transcription services even within a few hours. Transcription of conversations can also be a medical transcript between a doctor and a patient or a transcript of business conversations between business people.