-  Transcription Services in South Carolina

Transcription Services in South Carolina

LetsTranscript is the leading provider of transcription services in South Carolina for your content to be accurate, easily found, scanned, and optimized for search engines at just $0.80 per audio minute. See more of your content. Spread your word. LetsTranscript

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LetsTranscript offers automated transcription ($0.10/min) and human transcription services ($0.80/min) with 99% accuracy with a turnaround time of 24 hours. Upload your audio and receive a transcript online or through email in your desired format.

Sadel Inc is committed to providing superior investigative transcription with personalized service at competitive pricing. Our staff is hand selected ensuring...

Transcription Services
City: Goose Creek
State: South-Carolina
Phone: 916-966-3171