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Human Transcription
$0.8 per minute

Human Transcription service offered by LetsTranscript is the most accurate method of converting voice to text online. You will receive a completed work within the chosen Turnaround-time from our team of highly experienced professional transcriptionists.


Accuracy Guaranteed


Professional Transcribers


Timely Delivery

Automated Transcription
10¢ per minute

Automated speech-to-text conversion software is the most affordable and time-efficient method of obtaining transcript. Transcribing your recorded files has significant value in the twenty-first century. We support 30+ languages for automated transcription.






Under 60 Minutes

Captions and Subtitles
$0.8 per minute

The professional subtitling services provided by LetsTranscript are available to video creators, broadcasters, and video streaming service providers, as well as people and businesses across the globe. With our extremely affordable pricing and flexible approach to closed captioning, we can meet even the most stringent schedules while working with a broad variety of subtitle formats.


Accuracy Guaranteed


Professional Captionists


Timely Delivery

Take advantage of our transcription services and become part of a growing list of successful businesses.

Harper C
I'm satisfied with the level of attention offered by LetsTranscript for my wildlife podcast. They are a people-oriented organization and also research on words that are hard to know. I have suggested them to numerous of our other wildlife organizations. Thank you for your exceptional service. Worth every penny!

David H
Absolutely superb quality. You've done a fantastic job. This turned out a lot better than I had anticipated. I will surely make use of this service in the future. Prior to completing the transaction, I contacted and chatted with two separate employees about a handful of queries I had about it. Both of them were quite helpful. This service has left a lasting impression on me. "Thank you once more.
Andrew S
The work completed was outstanding. As promised, the order was delivered the same day. I didn't actually have to contact customer support since the procedure was so straightforward. This was my first experience with your company's services. I was delighted with the outcome of the project.
Stacy K
We have been really pleased with the services provided by LetsTranscript. My calls to the transcription supervisor are returned within 10 to 15 minutes when I call with a query, which I find to be very remarkable. The website is easy to use, as well as the transcripts were accurate and up to date.
Adam R
It is pleasure to employ LetsTranscript for all of our academic transcription needs. We are able to use a third-party service that provides reliable transcripts for our research while also reducing our time. We are able to utilize the time saved by performing the research and doing the analysis for better use.


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