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Trying to look for an internet service that can convert audio files to text? Transcribing your recorded files has significant value in the twenty-first century. A Recording + Internet connection, is everything you need.

LetsTranscript automated speech-to-text conversion software is the most affordable and time-efficient method of obtaining a transcription, but it is not the most precise. And, of course, you'll have to manually insert the majority of punctuation marks.

The Human Transcription service offered by LetsTranscript is the most accurate method of converting voice to text online. You will receive a completed work within the chosen Turnaround-time from our team of highly experienced professional transcriptionists, with 99% precision assured.

Good Audio

Little background noise
Clear voices
Minimal accents

Result: 85%+ Accuracy

Difficult Audio

Heavy background noise
Accented dialogue

Use Human Transcription instead

Follow these steps to complete your audio to text conversion:

  1. Decide your options: At this point, you may either login into your existing LetsTranscript account or create a new one. When you've decided on your choices, Upload.
  2. Send your file to us: Obtaining a transcript is as simple as going to the LetsTranscript upload page and dragging your recording from your computer or clicking UPLOAD.
  3. Make payment: Sit Back and Relax. Your file will be delivered within the chosen Turnaround-time.

Transcribed | Delivered < than 2 Hours


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In the transcription industry, we recognize the need of maintaining HIPAA compliance. At LetsTranscript, we understand the need of protected health information (PHI) very strictly.

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One of our primary objectives is to maintain the maximum security. By working with us, clients can be certain that the information included in your files are secure and protected.

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