About us

Founded in 2018, we have established as the fastest-growing company in the professional transcription sector. Expert transcribers professionally deal with complex and articulated projects relating to sectors such as Medical, Academic, Financial, legal and many other specialized sectors. Our work is characterized by a proactive attitude and the utmost attention to the satisfaction and success of the customer. Request a quote for the service of your interest and find the professional transcriber or translator that best answers your needs.

We have the skill, determination and ambition needed to be the transcription company with the fastest growth in each of the territories and sectors of competence, thanks to a valid, enterprising and motivated team and satisfied customers.

Our team puts in place a proactive attitude and extreme attention towards full customer satisfaction: reliability, attention to detail and ambition which make LetsTranscript the ideal partner to the success of our clients.

Why choose us?

Create an account with Letstranscript, view and track orders in your account and move through the checkout process faster.


We support you in defining our services. Enjoy discounted rates by using our transcription and translation services consistently and enjoy the lowest prices in the world.


By our online order form, you can direct your order to us without any problem. Have trouble ordering online, you can always pass us your order by e-mail or by phone.


Rarely do even two hours go by between when you make the order and our professionals begin the work, where Rush Orders are concerned work begins within fifteen minutes.


Once you have completed the click on the 'Order' button. Our ready to order services will provide you with all the details to complete your order instantly.


Get Verbatim and Timestamps at Legal level accuracy. The guarantee is valid from the day the order is made on our website regardless of any conditions.


Our website is always available (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) for you to place your order.