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LetsTranscript devotes all of its efforts to make the transcription process as easy as possible for students, professors, and education professionals. We take care of everything for you, from making it simple for you to submit your files and providing an error-free transcript.

We are the experts in dissertation transcription services. Students, research scientists, and academic institutions benefit from our quick and accurate transcription services. LetsTranscript offers a specialized team of dissertation transcriptionists who have received extensive training to transcribe and format in accordance with the submitting criteria established by your institution.

We recognize the value of accurate interview transcription and have worked with customers in a number of sectors including education, research, HR, healthcare, legal, religion, and entertainment making us a secure option if you're looking for a transcription service that understands your requirements, is inside your budget, and responds quickly.

We also proofread the document after transcribing it to maintain the highest quality standard. Our high-quality dissertation transcription service is available with a range of turnaround time choices as per your requirement at a cost that is very reasonable.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term "dissertation transcription", what is it?

A dissertation is a substantial written work on a specific subject within a certain field that is submitted to a committee for approval. Dissertations are often needed among university students who want to pursue degree studies such as an M.Phil., Ph.D., or MBA, among other things. Standard digital audio/video recorders or tape recorders are often used by students to capture their data, ideas, and study as well as to conduct and evaluate their research. Following the completion of research, the process of converting notes, interviews, or seminars from speech to text is known as dissertation transcription.

  1. For dissertation transcription, we have the fastest turnaround time as compared to our competitors (12-24 hours)
  2. In order to meet the requirements of your university, we will provide you with a dissertation that is produced in the format prescribed required by your institution.
  3. It is easy to work with our transcribers because they are accessible, cooperative and professional.
  4. We have a staff of highly competent and skilled dissertation transcriptionists.

Is there a specific transcription format you require?

Transcription services come in many different types. It all depends on what are your dissertation requirements. It's better to have more than one choice.

Full Verbatim

Each and every detail is captured in these transcripts, which are available here. Their recordings catch not only the main body of what is said, but also the breaks and slightest utters like ‘ummms’ ‘ooohs’ ‘ahs’ ‘y'knows’ and many other grammatical quirks that are characteristic of human speech. There is a possibility that they are necessary for qualitative context.... Alternatively, they might be seen as unneeded diversions. According to your requirements, you may have them included as well.


The term "intelligent verbatim" refers to verbatim that has been stripped of any extraneous information. All of the speech involuntary movements have been eliminated, and you are left with merely what has been stated. As far as interview questions go, it's the simplest to read and the best option.

Quick and accurate transcriptions. You have our word on it. 100% Trust Guaranteed.

Once again, the whole campus is buzzing with academic activity, there is just enough going and on that finding a transcription service provider will be close to impossible. However, even if you have a packed calendar, you may not have to look for a transcription service to transcribe your interviews.

There's nothing worse than paying a transcription company for a transcript that doesn't satisfy your standards. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, LetsTranscript employs expert transcriptionists who have undergone extensive training. You won't have to change the transcript of your interview. To start it all off, we provide a wide range of turnaround times so that you can stay on track with your requirements.

LetsTranscript provides high-quality, dependable, accurate, and quick academic research transcription services that are affordable. We are the only company that offers personalized service and has expertise in processing dissertation transcription.

If you're having trouble choosing a decision, take a quick look at these four points. We may make your decision a whole lot simpler!

  1. We can work at your speed and in the manner that is most convenient for you. We provide turnaround time options that are tailored to your requirements.
  2. When it comes to interview transcribing, we provide prices that will make you grin, even if you are working with a strict or limited financial plan.
  3. All major institutions throughout the length and width of the United States have had their academic interviews transcribed by our transcribers, and we can offer customized transcripts that meet the standards of your university.
  4. Basically, we provide services for students and job applicants, as well as for any documented activity that takes place at your institution.
  5. We provide services to the students, job applicants, and, in general, any documented activity that occurs at your institution.

We don't compromise on quality, and our pricing is clear and cheap, so our customers know exactly how much their job will cost before they begin. In order to meet your interview transcription requirements, our team of professional transcribers and customer care experts are always ready to assist you at any time.

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In the transcription industry, we recognize the need of maintaining HIPAA compliance. At LetsTranscript, we understand the need of protected health information (PHI) very strictly.

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One of our primary objectives is to maintain the maximum security. By working with us, clients can be certain that the information included in your files are secure and protected.


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