Academic Transcription

Lets Transcript has extensive experience in performing academic transcription work in a number of educational contexts. We perform the transcript for you in the best and fastest way, taking full account of your requirements.

Academic transcription is performed in several areas:

Transcript of personal interviews
This transcript is done for an interviewer and interviewee, in fact, it can be an interview for research or even a job interview.

Transcript of group discussions
This type of transcript is a multi-participant transcript in learning groups and multi-participant studies

Focus group transcript
This transcript is also multi-participant and therefore may be more complex, the transcriber needs to listen very attentively and differentiate between the speakers.

Transcription of research
Transcript of research can also be a transcript of the researcher's comments during his work or a transcript of the research subject.

Lecture Transcription is a transcript of a lecture during a study lesson or if universities need online accessibility of the courses taught and even adapt them to the hearing impaired in this case lecture transcripts are required by law.

Academic transcript for institutions and companies
If you are a university that needs academic transcripts for research or a company that needs academic transcripts for educational purposes, for whole projects or parts of projects you have come to the right place, fill out our form or contact us by phone.