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Letstranscript is for everyone. Our automated transcription service invites interested parties to upload audio and video files on our website and get a result in just a few minutes. Our service can also be tried out free of charge and later its just $ 0.10 per minute. Our services are used in marketing, in the media, in research from the fields of education, justice, health care, government and administration.

We carry out transcripts for the purpose of thematic analysis (Speech Analytics) accompanied by language experts who analyze the texts for the purpose of building a language model, including business information, transcription by output, transcript team management (managed service), recruitment and training of transcripts and first-class automation tools in the field.

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Speaker_1:  Magnus Carlsen. Congratulations. And yet another victory a dramatic. And today, how do you feel?

Speaker_0:  I feel very good about the end. Obviously, it was day that became very, very tough. Um, obviously, on bond tiebreakers. Well, was, uh it was a very, very nervous affair. But, you know, I prevailed in the end, so I'm very happy.

Speaker_1:  Uh, you managed to prevail in the end. But how did you feel after that first game when it was a draw and,

Speaker_0:  um, no e Think drop in the first game makes but people a bit nervous, like you don't know what's gonna happen. It's It's all very much in the balance. Um, so in the second game, I kind of wanted to play it safe, and then I just made a very simple mistake in the opening, Uh, onda position was quite equal on Ben. I think he, um, took some chances that he didn't need to take by, uh, not exchanging queens on bond. Then after I gave up upon I think, um, it's a very strange, practical situation because, you know, it's gonna be decided right there, and then it's not gonna end in a in a draw for both players. It's It's unpleasant, but yeah.

Speaker_1:  So how does this benchmark to ST Petersburg? You've repeated what you've done in ST Petersburg. You repeated what you've done the year before. How do you feel? A double head trick?

Speaker_0:  Well, in South Pittsburgh, I only got one title. So, um, no, I would say, um very, very pleased. Obviously, with performance. You know, everybody makes mistakes. A lot of the games where, uh, were rough, but, uh, at the end of the day, the result is what counts. And e uh, yeah, cannot be, uh, be unhappy with that. I'm just

Speaker_1:  wondering, do you keep track of all the winds that you had of all the events which you want?

Speaker_0:  Not all of the events which I want, but obviously world championships, I could track number. Thank you, E A. What wants there on your greatest sportsmen Here again on now I want to ask you what's the secret? Why e think there are There are margins for for example here. No camera had had the great tournament, and with some luck, he could have had wanted our rights. Like, for instance, my game against, uh, Jerusha. If I hadn't got that extra half point I would have. Um I wouldn't have made it thio tiebreak. So there are obviously some some margins, some luck. But you need thio to be good. Thio have that luck and that I certainly waas e before the temperature up. I was not so sure. Especially about the rapid chess. I didn't really know what to mhm to expect on then, for for the blitz. I was very, very optimistic. Um, yesterday on today, both were tough days, but I think in general I always had a very good chance to win e again. Uh, everybody who who's good? I'm more than willing to play e think, uh, both championships were tough, but today again, it was a very, very tough fights, I have to say with Nakamura, hey, made a fantastic score 7.5 out of nine today, Andi. I only barely managed to thio regimen in inter bricks. I would say today was huge. E don't know.

Speaker_1:  Are you satisfied with how the tournament was organized in the event

Speaker_0:  e think everything's been, uh, everything's been good. So I have, uh, have no no complaints whatsoever

Speaker_1:  on a more general, we're playing here. We've been playing here in a football stadium were in Luzhniki Stadium, which is a history place, and there's a lot of people cheering you. Would you like to play a tournament or a match at a football pitch with all the crowds around you shouting live? How would you feel

Speaker_0:  about that? I think, for for just some, some quiet is needed, unfortunately, But, um, I enjoy the fact that there are there are lots of chest cancer.