Our Cancellation Policy

When is a customer eligible for a refund?

The transcription or translation order cannot be cancelled once the process has been started.

Once the transcription or translation has been delivered, you can opt for free re-review if you find the accuracy of the transcription is as promised by the website.

However, we offer refunds if the guaranteed transcription or translation accuracy for your order is not fullfilled.

The refund amount, however, depends on the accuracy of the transcription or translation. If the accuracy of transcription or translation is less than 80%, then 40% of the total amount paid for this transaction will be refunded, and lesser as the accuracy decreases.

However, if the accuracy is less than 50%, then the full amount will be refunded.

The accuracy of transcription is calculated on the audible voices in the audio/video data provided by the customer.

If more than 25% of the total audio/video data is not audible then the refund is not applicable on the transcription or translation service opted for the respective audio/video data.

The refund is processed in 3 business days.

The refund amount is either added to letstranscript wallet or transferred to original mode of payment during the transaction.

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