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Nowadays the web surfers are exposed to a wide range of information and one of the best ways to reach your audience as a business or entity which conveys information to the consumer is through videos. Video traffic across the internet is growing at any given moment so it is important to tailor your videos to each and every one. We at Lets Transcript perform the complex process involved in producing captions and subtitles.

Making your videos accessible for everyone

Today the law requires that audio content be made accessible to both the deaf and hard of hearing, the way to do that is by producing captions and subtitles for your movies and videos as well as by translating into sign language. Of course, everyone is out of the question, even non-hard of hearing people use subtitles to understand what is happening on the screen, sometimes the speakers in the videos are not clear and the words are misinterpreted due to the background of the music.

Therefore producing subtitles is beneficial for everyone and also for your business. Lets Transcript understands the importance of producing subtitles and performs it in a professional and accurate manner according to the customer's requirement.

The benefits of subtitling and captioning videos

The many benefits that come with the subject of subtitling production are many, firstly when you produce subtitles for your videos and movies you actually allow the search engines to scan the text in the video and thus advance your business on the go, secondly when there are subtitles, the viewer increases his engagement in watching the video.

We produce subtitles for videos in foreign languages as well, we actually increase our audience and allow more people to get to know and learn about your product.

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