Financial Transcription

As the global finance industry becomes more accessible and technological, the global investment market is evolving. Even people who have not previously dreamed of investing find themselves at the heart of the field and thriving start-ups are required to submit annual financial reports.

It is therefore not surprising to find that in recent years there has been a huge demand for transcription of financial documents by experienced transcribers who are well versed in the field.

Throughout our many years of operation, we have accompanied the growth of the global investment field and today we employ a team of skilled transcribers at Lets Transcript who come from a strong background of economics and finance.

Our experts are proficient in all professional terms and are experienced in transcribing both local regulatory requirements and transcription related to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). They are familiar with the accepted formats for various documents and reports and know what the right concepts are in context.

Their vast experience level means an understanding and deep familiarity with the financial lexicon, a lexicon that usually includes specific words and terms. Because financial transcription requires special knowledge, our translators go through a rigorous process of selection and are accepted to our financial transcriber's desk only if they have proven experience in the field. With their help, work turns from an obstacle to a bridge - one that allows you to cross the financial transcription process safely.

Lets Transcript specializes in financial reports, annual reports, summary accounts, insurance policies, forecasts and financial assessments, business plans, and also contents related to forex and binary options.

Once the transcription is ready, we take care to go through the same process of strict quality control to ensure complete accuracy and ensure your complete satisfaction.