Interview Transcription

Interview transcripts are sometimes required when interviewing important personalities on TV shows, in order to produce subtitles we must first transcribe what is said in the article clearly. Lets Transcript provides professional and fast transcription services including minute scheduling for accurate subtitle production.

Transcript of media interviews

Transcribing media interviews is an action that requires agility and accuracy, and must also be transcribed correctly and reliably to the source in order for there to be compatibility between what is said orally and seen in writing on the screen. Of course, even in cases of interviews going to print in the various newspapers require transcription work before they are published to the public, many interview young people on a recording device in order to conduct the interview and then transcribe what is said and produce the article. In Lets Transcript you can get professional and fast transcription services with a high level of accuracy.

Transcript of academic interviews

Many students who work on their doctoral dissertation or thesis often interview people for research and drawing conclusions for their work. The recording allows them and the interviewee to speak freely without pauses to write or summarize their speech, in such cases, the students will have to transcribe the interview also on paper from which they can read and draw their conclusions. We at Lets Transcript understand that transcription work requires skill and time, so we offer this type of transcription services for students at affordable prices. Interview transcripts are also relevant in the case of academic studies in which the researcher interviews subjects and must refine the information clearly, so he must also transcribe the interviews in such a way as to give him accurate information about interviewees' answers.

Biographical transcripts

Many people who have gone through a life with a fascinating story sometimes want to record the story of their lives, many of them use recording so that they record themselves speaking continuously and then they transfer the recording to transcript, in Lets Transcript you can get a personal, professional, discreet treatment. Quality control over the transcript, call now for a no-obligation consultation.