Legal Transcription

A legal transcript is of very high importance, a legal transcript is a transcript that can be used as actual evidence in court. When performing a legal transcript, it is very important to approach a professional with experience in legal transcription, so that the transcript will not be disqualified as a result of incorrect transcription.

Professional legal transcript as required by the court

We at Lets Transcript specialize in legal transcripts and also give an opinion and a transcript to the court of the transcript made. The transcript work is a work that requires skill, writing fast and without errors so that the reader can understand the spirit of what was said in the conversation clearly.

It is forbidden to add text that we do not understand from the recording, in cases where the recording is not clear, the transcriber must write that the audio is not clear. If the text of the recording was invented, it may be disqualified and the court may not accept the transcript as evidence.

What types of legal transcripts do we perform?

• Transcript of mediation meetings
• Transcript of interrogations in the workplace
• Transcript of police investigations
• Transcript of insurance investigations

Transcription services for companies and businesses

Many companies are assisted in transcription services of various kinds to transcribe board meetings of directors, important calls with investors and even job interviews, professional transcription services is a valuable thing even legal level and at the level of preservation of information company.

Professional transcript for individuals

Private individuals also use transcription services for a wide variety of situations, court transcript is the most common transcript in both the private and business sectors. This is because of the meaning of the transcript for the client, most transcripts of this type are transcripts that can tip the scales in court. Both in the field of custody between spouses, whether in the cellular field or any other company with which we negotiate.

Urgent legal transcript

In Lets Transcript we understand that sometimes there is a need for a transcript with high urgency, especially when it comes to a legal transcript that can be used as evidence in court, so we also provide service for day-to-day transcripts and urgent transcripts. Contact us now for a quote.